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Waxing Services
All of our waxing services are performed by professional estheticians, who love to wax. We take pride in the services we offer and aim to help you reach your hair removal goals. In addition to their experience, our waxing professionals are further trained here at our Santa Barbara waxing salon in the art of advanced waxing techniques. This includes mastering best practices and proficiency in application and removal using our high quality waxes ensuring the client experienced the most comfortable waxing possible while minimizing the pain and time normally associated with waxing. The precision oriented approach we take in the removal of unwanted body hair includes the use of wax derived from natural ingredients which immediately provide visible waxing results by facilitating removal of even the coarsest of body hair while reducing the need to go over the same area repeatedly. Our special wax is derived from coconut oil and is enriched with a titanium dioxide compound which aids in the reduction of visible skin irritation while also providing anti-inflammatory properties. This is especially beneficial to anyone with sensitive skin, or those requiring waxing services to cover a larger area such as the legs.

Bikini, brazilian, and bare waxing services:
Brazilian waxes are performed by experienced estheticians who prep the Brazilian bikini lines before beginning the waxing process which is completed front to back in 15 minutes. The Lycon wax used for bikini waxes, in our Santa Barbara salon, adheres to hair as short as 2mm, allowing us to efficiently remove unwanted hair and achieve flawless results, while ensuring that your skin stays nourished and moisturized. Our expert waxing technique results in less irritation than traditional waxing applications may cause. All services performed conform to the strictest methods of sanitation.

Suggestions for skincare maintenance before and after waxing services:
The B Boutique carries the PFB Vanish line to assist you in achieving the best waxing results. These unique quality products are available to our Isla Vista and Santa Barbara clients to support your skin before and after your waxing treatment service. For individuals who may have sensitivity to waxing or if your pain tolerance is low we suggest the use of our fast acting PFB Numb-IT gel, and can be used in even the most sensitive of areas to enable you to have even the most sensitive of areas waxed with minimal pain. This aloe and chamomile plant extract infused topical anesthetic works best when applied 10-15 minutes prior to your waxing service.
After your waxing services we recommend following an aftercare in-home regime of using loofa-gloves to gently exfoliate your skin. If you are prone to ingrown hairs or bumps we suggest that exfoliation of the waxed area is accompanied by our PFB Vanish + Chromabright solution. The PFB Vanish gel has a roll on application and contains exfoliating and moisturizing ingredients that minimize hyper-pigmentation or darkening of sensitive skin areas that are exposed to the sun after bikini or other waxing services. This will help assist in maintaining an unblemished bikini line.

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